This is the Kind of Stuff that Happens When You’re My Grandchild

Kayla and I stopped at Dutch’s Mart on the way to school this morning. She wanted some donuts and milk. We walk in, she picks out her donuts, I get us both a container of milk and we go to the register.

Me: I guess I’m going to get milk for breakfast since you won’t let me get beer anymore.
Kayla: Beer for breakfast is bad, Nonna. You have to wait until at least 9.
Me: Okay.

Then I look up to hand the cashier my debit card and realize she looks horrified.

Me: Not really. I don’t even like beer.
Me: Seriously. I really don’t drink beer. Not even after 9 a.m.

I pay for our stuff and we go to the car.

Kayla: Did you notice she was looking at me, “Like do you need me to call 911 honey?”
Me: Yeah, some people just have no sense of humor.

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